Buying Houses Part 2: We Beat the Alphabet!

Our House

Hey Sweeties,

We’ve done it; we beat the alphabet and bought a house!

A few months ago I posted about my frustrations of trying to buy a house and being fearful that we would never find one and secure it. As it happens, Ian and I didn’t have to wait too much longer before landing our dream pad and you know what? When you find the one, the actual one, it all just falls into place.

Following several weeks of driving to Slough in the evenings after work for viewings of which many potentials we had seen online we were able to dismiss just by driving past them, Ian and I decided we needed to both take a day off work, book back to back viewings in a bid to nail the process and beat the competition. Our house was the first one we saw of the day which I had booked a viewing for the week before as soon as the email came through! I instantly felt comfortable in the area and although the house itself internally didn’t blow me away, the garden did and I think that was when both Ian and I stopped and realised that we could see ourselves here. Assuming the house had already had a ton of viewings and as many offers sat on the table, we were delighted to hear from the agent that aside from a second viewing due the following day, there were no offers on it at present. I was itching to submit an offer but Ian managed to calm me down and reminded me we had other properties to see but would review the situation after the last one.

To cut a long story short, we saw other properties and although we were tempted with the last house we viewed, we decided to still go for the first property. The following day we were told that the seller thanked us for our offer, said it was very reasonable but were going to wait and see what the second viewing came back with (fair play, you can’t argue with that despite it being a little frustrating). That was Friday so we had to wait a whole weekend before finally getting the call Monday morning that the house was ours! Yippee!!!!

But this is what I mean though about everything falling into place when you find the one. Previously we had bull shitting Estate Agents, crap greedy sellers taking ages to decide whether or not to accept our offer and several others bidding on the same property. It was an incredibly stressful experience. Then we found our house, the Estate Agent was decent, the sellers weren’t greedy and we knew the outcome within a couple of days. Bliss!

The offer was accepted at the end of March and a little under 4 months later, we have the keys and we’re in and it feels fantastic to finally have our own home and begin what is an incredibly exciting new chapter for us and the start of something pretty special. As you can imagine my head is now full of paint swatches, design ideas and room organising and it’s a struggle to know where to begin. But it has, the process of owning my own home and everything that comes with it has started and you guys are now here for the journey with us!


Until next time x



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