The Most Amazing Weekend

Hey Sweeties,

Firstly, apologies for being a bit absent this past week; every now and again you either need a bit of a break or your life takes an exciting turn for the better and everything goes out the window for a bit. The latter is me and if you have seen my Instagram, you’ll already know what I am going to tell you, but even if you have, you’ll want to know the details… so read on my Sweeties.

Last weekend was one I have been looking forward to for months, I mean like since Christmas as Ian for a present bought me tickets to the hockey European Championships which have been taking place all this past week at Lee Valley/Olympic Park. We had tickets to watch three men’s games on Sunday, followed by an overnight stay at the Malmaison hotel in London.

Unfortunately, on arrival into London the heavens absolutely opened like I haven’t seen in a while and typically when I only have a pair of sandals with me. However despite this, the weather cleared for the afternoon to watch the games which was a huge relief! We watched France V Belgium, England V Netherlands and finally, Ireland V Germany and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The final game didn’t finish until quite late so we got back to the hotel probably around 10:30PM but to be honest, my memory of the evening is now a bit of a blur. 

Hockey Euro championships 2015

France V Belgium

Hockey Euro championships 2015

England V Netherlands

Hockey Euro championships 2015

Ireland V Germany

The hotel room by the way, was gorgeous! I have never stayed at a Malmaison hotel before and this one, situated in Barbican, London was just my kind of place –really modern but so stylish at the same time; I could’ve stayed there all weekend.

Malmaison hotel Barbican

Malmaison Hotel Barbican

So… as women do, we kind of have a bit of a faff before bed don’t we, doing our evening skincare and things. So I am in the bathroom faffing and in the back of my mind acknowledging that it’s a bit quiet in the room and wondering why Ian hasn’t put the TV on or something. Eventually I leave the bathroom to get into bed and Ian’s sat there, I notice the menu on the bed and assume he’s waiting for me to order something as we hadn’t eaten. Then, low and behold, after asking me to ‘come here’ because I have questioned why he hasn’t put the TV on and just chilling, he goes down on one knee and… ASKS ME TO MARRY HIM!!!!! Without going into detail, of course I said yes but I did A LOT of crying!

getting engaged

The night was hell though, because it was about 11PM at night, too late to call anyone and so I just lay there in excited anticipation all night about phone calls in the morning, and obviously going into overdrive about the fact I am going to be a wife and what I want for a wedding. The following morning though (which at the time I actually forgot was Monday), I rang my parents who were obviously initially quite concerned why I was calling first thing on a Monday morning, but then absolutely delighted once they found out why… cue, more crying!

So yes, I am engaged my Sweeties and my mind is clogged with wedding stuffs! Of course we want to marry ASAP but realistically it probably won’t be until next autumn unless we happen upon some finances and a great deal. Also, and I’ll put this out there now, I am not someone that has dreamt about her wedding since she was 4 years old and I am a bit disgusted by anyone that has to be honest. I have grown up with married parents so I have always known that eventually I myself will be married, but those thoughts not going into any further depth than that… until now! Eeeek!!

Over the coming months as plans and ideas come together, I can’t be sure how much I’ll discuss on here but I’ll do my best to involve you guys where I can and of course, any advice you might have about weddings and things I am all ears! I have already started a Pinterest account and set up some documents to log all the essential wedmin, not to mention ‘Don’t tell the Bride’, ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and ‘I Found the Gown’ on record! –let the fun and planning begin!!

Until next time x


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