My Top Five Tips for Uni

Hey Sweeties,

With Freshers across the country about to embark on University and three years of undergraduate study, I thought I would share my top five tips for University. Here goes…


1. Be organised
A great opportunity and excuse for an epic stationary haul! You need notepads, pens, a wall planner and I would also recommend a small diary to jot down your lecture times and any fun socials to carry with you. Unless of course you do are someone who manages their life through various apps and online calendars, then of course do that instead. I can’t cope with disorganised people; if you’re old enough to leave home, you’re old enough to get a handle on where you need to be at certain times of the day and week.

2. Join a club or society
Without going all Pitch Perfect on you (which is a great film by the way), there are so many benefits to joining a club or society during your time at Uni that goes far beyond just meeting people. Depending on where you are going, I can almost guarantee that there is a club for everything and if there isn’t, start one! While at Uni myself, I joined the Equestrian Society and in my 2nd & 3rd years became Vice President then President –this definitely isn’t for everyone but if you’re someone that likes to get involved then getting yourself elected onto a club or society committee can be a lot of fun and looks great on your CV.

3. Get acquainted with the University library & Second-hand Book Shops
This sounds quite geeky but honestly, if you want to do well, you need to keep up with all the suggested reading and academic books can be very expensive, particularly on a student budget. The University library will stock everything and if they don’t, they can either purchase it or borrow it themselves from somewhere for you but they won’t know to do this unless they know what you and your course mates need. Also, I can’t recommend finding out which local second-hand book shops and charity shops stock academic books. Of course you won’t find everything you need but you’ll be surprised what crops up with regular scouting.

4. Budget
Unless you’re fortunate enough to have parents that can afford your course fees, rent and general living fees during your time at university, you’re going to be heavily relying on a student loan and more than likely, a part-time job to keep you afloat. I actually think this only adds to your University experience as although you’re not quite in the real world yet, you’re preparing well for it and learning how to manage your money. You’ll also fairly swiftly realise that you would rather put you well-earned cash to something more than just propping up the bar in the Students Union.

5. Enjoy Yourself!
You won’t get this time again in your life so make the most of it –study hard so you have something to show for your time there afterwards, but also ensure you get out, join clubs and socialise so you can meet people and share in new experiences.

If you are about to head off to University for the first time, good luck! If you’ve already been like I have, what are your top tips?

Until next time x


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