About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, ClaireySweetie.

I’m Claire, a 27 year old Bath Spa Media Communications Graduate.

I began ClaireySweetie in the Winter of 2013, although I had blogged in two places previously (thepassionqueen.wordpress.com -where I commented on advertising & noifsnobutsitsjustme.wordpress.com -a place for deeper discussions), I found myself wanting to produce more of the content I produce now but neither of my existing blogs were really the place for them. I love ClaireySweetie, I still have a way to go in regards to developing more of a following, but I like the direction my blog is going in right now. I hope you also agree.

When I am not busy thinking up new post ideas, drafting and scheduling content for my blog I am a keen hockey player, horse rider and cricket spectator. I absolutely love writing which until it becomes my career in one way, shape or another, this passion is injected directly into ClaireySweetie.

I like to write about pretty much anything that takes an interest but mainly this falls under lifestyle, beauty and general girl talk where I try to raise and discuss deeper topics, particularly where I feel I can share and offer advice. I have an opinion on most things concerning popular culture and if I feel it would be relevant and/or of interest to my readers (or I just feel like putting it out there) then expect a post about it as I want my blog to be filled with varied content and the go-to place for advice, opinions and all things pretty.

Welcome to my Wonderland!


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