ClaireySweetie Has Moved!

Hey Sweeties,

So it’s just occurred to me that you guys are probably unaware that I have moved… to my own domain! A couple of weeks ago I spontaneously took the plunge and self-hosted my site. I can now be found at

In doing this, I have learnt that WordPress hasn’t got a plugin to show how many followers I have and I am not entirely sure that existing followers see my new blog in their feed?? In response to this, I would probably suggest you follow me on Bloglovin as this from what I can tell, still functions as normal.

I would love to get some feedback about my new site so please do join me over there and let me know your thoughts!



My Favourite: Top 5 Things About Blogging

My favourite top 5 things about blogging

Hey Sweeties,

In this final post of this Favourite’s series, I thought I would go back to the very roots of blogging and tell you my top 5 favourite things about it.

There have been (from what I alone have seen), a huge number of how-to posts recently on how to start a blog, how to take photographs, how to get followers la la la. At the end of the day, if you blog, it’s because you love it and not to get anything out of it so anything that supports you in getting better and improving your content, I’m all for. Anything that supports those doing it for the wrong reasons, I don’t. But it’s because that there’s already a load of those types of posts circling the internet, there is nothing new being or can be, said. Continue reading