The Most Amazing Weekend

Hey Sweeties,

Firstly, apologies for being a bit absent this past week; every now and again you either need a bit of a break or your life takes an exciting turn for the better and everything goes out the window for a bit. The latter is me and if you have seen my Instagram, you’ll already know what I am going to tell you, but even if you have, you’ll want to know the details… so read on my Sweeties.

Last weekend was one I have been looking forward to for months, I mean like since Christmas as Ian for a present bought me tickets to the hockey European Championships which have been taking place all this past week at Lee Valley/Olympic Park. We had tickets to watch three men’s games on Sunday, followed by an overnight stay at the Malmaison hotel in London.

Unfortunately, on arrival into London the heavens absolutely opened like I haven’t seen in a while and typically when I only have a pair of sandals with me. However despite this, the weather cleared for the afternoon to watch the games which was a huge relief! We watched France V Belgium, England V Netherlands and finally, Ireland V Germany and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The final game didn’t finish until quite late so we got back to the hotel probably around 10:30PM but to be honest, my memory of the evening is now a bit of a blur.  Continue reading


My First Blogger Meet Up

Hey Sweeties,

Last Sunday I had quite possibly the best afternoon experienced in a long time! The day started off heading into London early ish (maybe a bit too early for a Sunday?) so I killed some time having a coffee and a read of Saturday’s The Times Magazine (–anyone else read the interview with Lorraine Candy?) I then headed to Somerset House to see the Guy Bourdin photography exhibition, Image Maker -if you’re into fashion photography or can appreciate eclectic work with a camera, I would recommend that you definitely get yourselves down there!

Guy Bourdin Image Maker

Guy Bourdin Image Maker

The core reason however, why I was in London on a Sunday afternoon was to -quite excitingly- attend my first Blogger meet up! Hosted by the lovely Serene and Zaineb (from @Blogginggals) with special guest jewellery brand Ultimate Collections. In total there were eight of us and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.

The girls wanted to get a group of Bloggers together in order to see how in the future we could collaborate and work together, but for me more importantly I found it useful to network and meet other fellow Bloggers and hear about what they do. I have been eager to attend some meet ups and it was something I outlined in my blogging objectives earlier this month so I was delighted that Serene provided me with my first opportunity. The great thing about this meet up was that anyone and everyone were welcome to join in whether you’re firmly established in the blogosphere or just starting out.

Blogger meetup

I was asked –or rather we all were- what our blogging objectives and goals are for 2015 and for me I said I had a little mini goal to try and reach 500 followers by next Christmas and I think –at the moment- that isn’t an impossible target. I was also interested to know how Bloggers can get involved with brands and onto the radar of PR companies and the answer was quite simply to put yourself out there into the community (i.e. at meet ups), approach brands you like with ideas for collaboration and of course a good, loyal following also helps. In consideration of my own situation, I am not entirely sure this is something I can consider doing just yet but it’s good to know how I need to develop in order to maybe one day do this. For now though I just like doing my own thing, developing my writing and blog content with my own ideas.

Overall, the afternoon felt like meeting up with old friends as very quickly I felt as though I had known each of them for a while as they were each so friendly and willing to input into the conversation and share advice. We have all promised to meet up again soon –whether individually or as a group- and I for one can’t wait. Ladies, if you’re reading this, thank you for making my first Blogger meet up so great!

Until next time x


Sweetie Birthday

Birthday cards

I am writing this my Sweeties, another year older (and quite possibly wiser?) as last weekend was my birthday and I am now the grand old age of 27! Scary!

Fortunately Saturday happened to be the one day of the weekend it didn’t rain so I can imagine Ian breathed a sigh of relief when he woke up and looked out the window as he had booked us a boat trip up the Thames in Windsor. He is so brilliant with surprises and gifts! Aside from the planned day’s activities, he bought me this gorgeous little (but very heavy) Westie door stop which to be honest I had been dropping massive hints about for months following seeing it in the window of an antique shop! (FYI, yes Ian did apparently go in and ask “how much is the dog in the window”). I absolutely love west highland terriers and have done for years so I really couldn’t resist this, particularly as we have just moved house and have a very irritating door that needs propping open all the time. It was like fate!

 Westie door stop

Another thing I have been banging on about for months but more so as an idea for something to see at Christmas, is west end show, Wicked! This has been on my must-see list for years but I have just never had the chance to go and see it so you can imagine my excitement when Ian handed me an envelope with tickets in for October! Even better, Ian booked them for when he is away on a boys trip so the tickets are for Mum and me to go as she is due to stay that weekend and help me do some wallpapering. Can’t. Frickin’. Wait!

The day itself was perfect. After patiently waiting for me to get ready, we walked to the train station in town and travelled to Windsor which is a mere 6 minutes away. As we are very new to the area, I anticipate Windsor will become my number one favourite place to spend a nice day in –have a coffee, mooch about the shops etc. And on a sunny day you really can’t beat it, it’s a lovely little place… with a big castle in the middle of it!

Birthday Cappuccino

Birthday Cappuccino

The boat trip was really fun and took a little over 2 hours to complete. Here are some photos taken from the boat:

Thames boat trip

 Thames boat ripIan and mePimms sizedWindsor castle Swans sizedMe on my BirthdayAfter the boat trip we went for a delicious dinner at a Greek restaurant that I have no doubt will become a firm favourite of ours!

Greek Dinner

Until next time x



Weymouth Weekend & Elle news!

Hey Sweeties,

Clairey SweetieHow are we all? Good I hope!

It’s unfortunate that it’s a bit gloomy today but wasn’t the weekend fan-bloody-tastic with the weather! Ian and I had already arranged to go and spend a couple of days in Weymouth with Ian’s parents and we certainly scored with the weather, just gorgeous!

On Saturday we went out to a National Trust property called Montacute House, the grounds are lovely! Then on Sunday Ian and I had a mooch about Weymouth -shops and beach!!






Here are a few pics I thought I would share with you on Weymouth!

Weymouth beach

Sun, sea & sand… in the UK!








sand sculpting in weymouth

Sand sculpter
























In other INCREDIBLY exciting news, remember I reviewed that mystery eyeliner for Elle magazine? Well today I got selected to be one of the 10 to be invited up to London to Elle HQ to attend exclusive event with other fashion peeps to what I assume is to officially launch the new Benefit eye liner! SO EXCITED!!! I have booked the day off of work so that I can arrive in London fresh and fashionable rather than sweaty and tired after work… dare I even think about what I am going to wear?! Talk about pressure! Any recommendations fellow bloggers? I can’t look like I’ve made a ton of effort but I need to have made an effort, you see what I mean? I have also heard that attendees will get a make-over…. Oooo, watch this space peeps!
Until next time x