My Makeup Collection: Lips

Hey Sweeties,

It’s time to show you all another area of my makeup collection, having already shown you my; foundations, blushers & eyes bringing us now onto, lips. Here goes…

Makeup collection

The collection! Note: the glosses in the top left compartment aren’t usually kept there, I’m not that messy 😉

I touched upon my makeup storage a while back now (here) so it’s probably time I did an update post soon, but for the purposes of this post, my collection of lip products are for the most part stored on top of my dressing table in organisers from TK MAXX and Muji.

All the glosses seen in the left on the top organiser are normally kept within my dressing table as I find I hardly use these ones, but they’re still useful to keep on hand for when I do. Essentially my core collection consists of lip liners, lipsticks and a couple of glosses as I will talk you through below.  Continue reading


How to Achieve a Summer Glow

Hey Sweeties,

One of the key things we look forward to when the summer begins to kick in, is that summer glow. The cold winter months and shorter days means we can’t get outdoors, so our body, skin and mind feels sapped of enough daylight and energy; this is why we love heavier food and cosy nights in during this time.

As you guys know, I love keeping active and the summer months of longer days and warmer weather provide the perfect opportunity to get yourself outdoors in the fresh air catching up with friends, playing sport or even just going for regular evening walks to stretch your legs after a day in the office. By taking some exercise, you’ll increase blood flow and the fresh air will plump your skin and body with oxygen that will do wonders for how you feel and look.

Summer walks

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Sunday Chat: Another Female Taboo

The female taboo: periods

Hey Sweeties,

I apologise, I am in a bit of a ranty mood and once again, I have a bit of a feminist rage going on but you guys are well used to this by now and one of the reasons (I assume), why you follow this blog (do correct me if I am wrong) because if it’s on my mind, I’m going to share it.

So, in the news this past week you may have seen the story about Kiran Gandhi who ran the London marathon on her period and chose to not wear any sanitary protection (story here). Rather than just being able to mind her own business about it (although she did write about it on her own blog), she’s had to defend herself against her decision because the world, quite frankly, found it too disgusting to possibly comprehend.   Continue reading

What I Got for my Birthday

Hey Sweeties,

These sort of posts are difficult to write as while I am kind of showing off a couple of new things, I am not deliberately bragging and I by no means hope that what follows is interpreted that way. In the same way as I show off a recent beauty or fashion haul, I kinda’ really want to show you two really special things that I got for my birthday that are just too beautiful and pretty to keep to myself.

So basically, last weekend was my birthday and for those asking, I am now the grand age of 28 years old with 30 now firmly on the horizon (Eek!). For the first time in several years, the day was spent with family which was lovely.


Unlike when you are younger where you take full opportunity to cram birthday and Christmas lists with gift suggestions, as you get older you either don’t make them at all, or you ask for something very specific. Everyone reaches that point where you are in charge of your own money and life, and thus generally buy everything you need and want yourself. That being said, sometimes you see something that you think, yes I could buy myself, but I would appreciate it so much more as a gift… and this is exactly the case with the new Pandora Rose charm bracelet.

Pandora Rose charm bracelet

As soon as I was aware of the release, I knew that it would be the perfect gift from Ian and going forward, it means the bracelet can be added to with new charms when Christmas, birthday’s and other special occasions take place.  Continue reading

Beauty Review: Too Faced Foundation

Hey Sweeties,

Following my delight at being bought and totally loving Too Faced’s Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer (review here) last Christmas, you can imagine my delight at finding one of their foundation powders in my old haunt, TK Maxx (admittedly, a little while back now). Prior to purchase I had no idea what this product was like but I knew that I couldn’t let go of it and to the till it went.

Too Faced Foundation Powder

Too Faced Foundation Powder

Probably the key thing that attracted me most was the packaging which I just love and is the same as the Pink Leopard bronzer; a very appealing, sit in your hand, embossed plastic compact. What is different about this one though is the additional internal layer separating the product and the application pad. I love the addition of the mirror inside the lid too!

Too Faced Foundation Powder

I’ll be honest in saying that for me, this is not an everyday foundation because the coverage is too light. That being said, this product is ideal for the weekend when I am not going anywhere too special, or, after the gym if I am going somewhere afterwards, albeit just for coffee, where I prefer to make my face look a bit fresher. One thing for sure though is that this product is great for the summer.

As I mentioned, the coverage is light but this is not said negatively, my daily foundations are all liquid based because that is how I find I gain the best coverage that I need. To apply, I use a combination of my Real Techniques buffing brush and the supplied pad, although I prefer to use a brush in all honesty to achieve a consistent, well blended result (as modelled above).

Overall, I am delighted I found this foundation and it just reinforces that I am definitely keen to pursue more from Too Faced. 

Until next time x

Fashion Haul

Hey Sweeties,

I admitted in a post last week that I have recently got a bit spendy in both beauty (here) and some new fashion pieces.

There have been a few things on my list of things I felt I needed to add to my wardrobe, but also I am mindful that my holiday with Trek America is very much on the horizon and although it’ll no longer be summertime here, it’ll still be hot over there!

The below haul is a mixture of sale & full price items from the high street.

Fashion haul

The fashion Haul

New Look Jumper

It’s a shame that there’s no such thing as casual Monday as this jumper from New Look would make an appearance in the office weekly!

New Look Playsuit

I love playsuits (despite their impracality sometimes) & this New Look one will be perfect for my holiday & was a total steal at £9!

TK MAXX patterned trousers

…If only I could rock a pair of patterned trousers every day of the week! I got this pair from TK MAXX & I love the fun element these bring to an outfit.

H&M long sleeveless shirt

Teamed up with a pair of skinny trousers, this H&M shirt can be dressed up or down

New Look Kimono

I love the summer trend for kimono’s right now & this one from New Look is beautiful & so easy to wear!

New look flower embossed pumps

I couldn’t resist the flower embossed detail on this pair of New Look trainer/pumps; so pretty!

New look Pink sandals

I snapped up this pair of sandals from New Look; I love the metal detail

Deichmann trainers

I can’t tell you how delighted I am with this pair of trainers from Deichmann -the leopard print detail is perfect for me!

New look Lemon Purse

I have had this fun lemon purse in my sights for months but with a bit of patience, I finally got it at a price I was willing to pay (£6.50)!

The grey t-shirt as seen on the very top photo on the right, is from H&M and is added to my wardrobe on the basis of being such a staple item. Grey is such a wearable colour!

Have you guys grabbed a bargain lately?

Until next time x

A Spritz of Zoella | Review of the Zoella Body Mists

Hey Sweeties,

Going back to last year when Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg (who? see here) released her first collection of products, although I of course had a look at them in Superdrug, I resisted purchasing. That was until recently when Zoe released her second collection, ‘Tutti Fruiti’ and I think where I felt her products weren’t really my thing originally, this collection actually made me want to investigate further. To be fair however, I still haven’t really gone mad but I did go into store thinking I would purchase her ‘Let’s Spritz’ body mist and the body scrub but what I actually came out with was both her body mists.

Zoella body mists

Let’s Spritz & Blissful Mistful

So what do I think?

Well for £8 a bottle, you really can’t go wrong and the only thing I would say could be improved, is how long the scent lasts but that isn’t a criticism, that’s a secret hope that the team behind Zoella will see demand for a proper fragrance in the future which I think would be well worth Zoe’s time creating and releasing.

Scent wise, I spritzed these a few times in store trying to work out which one I preferred and why I ended up coming out with both as although I prefer the original scent (which will probably be the one I continue with), her new fruity scent is great for summer and one to jump on now (while its summer, duh).

Zoella Body mists

The packaging is spot on! I love the shape and the chunkiness of the bottles and the attention to detail on the back -on ‘Let’s Spritz’ it’s a pretty lace design, and on ‘Blissful Mistful’ it’s spots, both of which are slightly ruined by Superdrug’s need to put impossibly difficult to remove security stickers on everything! I do also love the chrome, metallic coloured lids.

It’s an odd thing really as with over 8 million subscribers, Zoe has a lot of people to cater for and satisfy but her predominant fan base are young teens and this is her market, at least for now. This is why, for the most part, her products aren’t really supposed to attract me and on many levels they don’t, but I am of course still curious. However, if I was in my young-mid teens (& not ridiculously close to turning 28 years old!), I would absolutely be all over Zoe’s products because they are not only affordable, but are good quality and a great intro into beauty and skin care; I really am so jealous of those young girls who can look up to Zoe like they would their fashionable older sister.

Have you guys tried any of Zoe’s products?

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll be seeing you again soon!

Until next time x