My Perfect Creative Space

Hey Sweeties,

While I am still in the midst of wedding excitement and planning gradually picking up pace, humming in the background is the house that, in the 13 months we have owned it, is still very much in a state of cosmetic development. I know what I like but interior design is a very personal thing and not something I have really tackled until now, developing my ideas as I go along.

While I love how visually, minimalist living looks beautiful, I for one like stuff which of course has its flaws, but I love rooms full of books, pictures on the walls and furniture, wallpaper and fabrics that create texture amongst the odd trinket, vases of flowers and such like. For a workspace though, I am all about storage and simplicity –I like to have things around me that inspire creativity and ideas, but I can’t work in clutter which is currently the state of the spare room/study and next on my list to attack.

So with that in mind, inspired by WeWork, a co-working company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love by creating beautiful co-working spaces across the US, Europe and Israel, I want to make my own beautiful space, right here in my home. I thought I would pull together my dream wish list for my ideal work space, with a view that it might encourage me to get on and actually make it happen for myself.

Creative work space

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Home Haulin’: Part One

Hey Sweeties,

So as my regular readers will know, in July Ian and I bought and moved into our first house together and although for the most part we kind of already have everything we need, a new home is still a new canvas for ideas and accessories so over the last few months I have been picking up the odd bit here and there so I felt it time to share some of the things I have got so far…

Coffee Table Tray

I’ve seen this idea a lot on Instagram so decided to replicate the look on my coffee table

Ikea Coffee table

Coffee table from Ikea



Gotta’ love cushions!



Because you always need things to put things in…

Bedside Table

By my bedside…

My go-to places for home ware and accessories are: TK Maxx, Homebase, Dunelm, Ikea, Wilkinsons, second-hand furniture shops and charity shops -if you’re prepared to wait and hunt around there are some real bargains and interesting things to be found! As mentioned above, I also constantly browse through Instagram for ideas and inspiration and there are some great magazines out there as well, my current favourite is called Style at Home!

Of course we have bought other more grown up things like an incinerator to burn all our confidential waste and excess rubbish, garden tools, the odd bit of furniture and things like that but to be honest, I can’t see that being of much interest to you guys so I’ll just stick with home haulin’ accessories and (when appropriate) maybe some design and room layout ideas. Part Two/three/four etc. will go up on here over time as a house is never, fully filled and complete.

Any of you guys into gardening? no? …. well, just saying that come spring I might get quite excited when my new garden starts sprouting daffodils! Be warned!

Until next time x