Wedding Planning 101: Gathering Ideas

Getting wedding ideas

Hey Sweeties,

Thinking I only needed to post one apology on here which I did last week thinking I was about to get myself back on track, another week has past and I am not all that nearer to getting back on schedule with writing and uploading posts –sorry! In my defence (and you’ll appreciate more why in a moment), wedding planning becomes this all-consuming thing and I am also a couple of weeks away from setting off on Trek America so my mind really is everywhere except here right now. Again, sorry.

While I don’t want to disclose too much about my big day on here (for reasons I am sure you all understand), I still want to talk about some elements of it and weddings overall, particularly where I can share some cool ideas I have found.

So far, we have a date (next spring so really rather soon!) and we have booked the ceremony and reception venue and while the legal aspects are covered (so we are definitely getting hitched!), the reception venue is still a totally blank canvas!

I want to achieve that balance of where the day is a lovely experience for those attending, including ourselves obviously, but in equal measure I don’t want Ian and I to get lost in it and for the actual meaning of the day to disappear underneath guest entertainment and unnecessary fancy features.

So, ideas gathering!  Continue reading


The Most Amazing Weekend

Hey Sweeties,

Firstly, apologies for being a bit absent this past week; every now and again you either need a bit of a break or your life takes an exciting turn for the better and everything goes out the window for a bit. The latter is me and if you have seen my Instagram, you’ll already know what I am going to tell you, but even if you have, you’ll want to know the details… so read on my Sweeties.

Last weekend was one I have been looking forward to for months, I mean like since Christmas as Ian for a present bought me tickets to the hockey European Championships which have been taking place all this past week at Lee Valley/Olympic Park. We had tickets to watch three men’s games on Sunday, followed by an overnight stay at the Malmaison hotel in London.

Unfortunately, on arrival into London the heavens absolutely opened like I haven’t seen in a while and typically when I only have a pair of sandals with me. However despite this, the weather cleared for the afternoon to watch the games which was a huge relief! We watched France V Belgium, England V Netherlands and finally, Ireland V Germany and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The final game didn’t finish until quite late so we got back to the hotel probably around 10:30PM but to be honest, my memory of the evening is now a bit of a blur.  Continue reading